Ellie and Lou Gardeners of the Jungle




An engaging children’s book about teamwork, collaboration, and perseverance with an environmental message.

While walking deep in his beloved jungle one day, Sam the gorilla makes a shocking discovery. A scary machine is cutting down the beautiful trees! He rushes off to alert his elephant pals, Ellie and Lou. Joined by their furred and feathered new friends on this brave quest, can they defend their beautiful home together?

Find yourself drawn into the tale through realistic and colourful illustrations. Discover how smart jungle animals produce trumpet-worthy results in this engaging and inspiring story of teamwork!

Empowering story demonstrating that great things can be accomplished through teamwork, perseverance, and resilience.

A triumphant children storybook that teaches the importance of communication, collaboration, and cooperation while also promoting habitat conservation, the importance of trees and all the wonders found in forests and the jungle. This book could serve as an introduction to discussions on animals and their environments in the early grades as well.

Teachers the importance of working together and thinking creatively, promoting the power of friendship, community and celebrating diversity.

A loving portrait of the special bond between mom and daughter.

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A beautifully illustrated picture book perfect for animal lovers aged 3–8 and their nature-loving family members. Includes an amazing number of animals: elephants, gorilla, okapi, porcupine, baboon, owl, zorilla, giraffe (and their snail friend).

It can be used to spark discussions with elementary school students embarking on environmental and social-emotional learning studies.

Perfect for teachers and librarians looking for an outdoor-themed book or nature books for kids. With vibrant illustrations that immerse readers in the forest. This is a perfect addition to elementary school libraries to support readers who love the great outdoors.

Ellie and Lou Gardeners of the Jungle Cover